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Nothing sparkles like a Diamond Quality Clean. Our cleaning services are designed to fit your needs.

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Our Cleaning Services

Our cleaning services are designed to help people of all different backgrounds maintain their home or office cleaning. We customize each of our cleaning plans to fit your space’s needs.

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One-Time Cleaning

At Diamond Quality Clean, we offer one-time house cleaning services. This is perfect for people who regularly maintain a clean home but may need a little help from time to time. One of our dedicated cleaning teams will come to your home and perform a one-time cleaning.

Recurring Cleaning

Do you need someone to regularly clean your home? We know life is hectic and that you may not have the time needed to clean your home the way you’d like it. That’s why we offer recurring home cleaning services. We set you up on the schedule depending on the needs of your home.

Detail Cleaning

In addition to one time cleanings and recurring cleanings, we provide offer a detail cleaning. A detail cleaning is a more in-depth clean compared to a one time clean or a recurring clean and our cleaning team will spend four to five hours in your home and make sure everything is sparkling.

Special Event Cleaning

Do you have an event coming up? Reduce your stress and choose Diamond Quality Clean to handle your cleaning. We offer special event cleaning, where one of our cleaning crews will come to your home and perform a one time cleaning. We are dedicated to a Diamond Quality Clean.

Move In/Out Cleaning

Are you moving out of an apartment or your home? Do you want a fresh clean to welcome you into your new apartment or home? Choose a local cleaning company dedicated to making your living place shine. Diamond Quality Clean is ready to impress you with our expert home cleaning skills.

Spring Cleaning

Do you need a cleaning company to help with your spring cleaning goals? Diamond Quality Clean is that cleaning company. We offer a customized cleaning plan that results in a clean living environment. Diamond Quality Clean is ready to make your home sparkle for the seasons to come.

Receive Cleaning Appointment Reminders

At Diamond Quality Clean, we know you have a lot going on in your life. When your home or office has a cleaning coming up, we’ll send you a reminder that your cleaning is coming up. We like to go the extra mile for our customers and make sure they know we’re ready to help them clean. First time customer? Book your free, no obligation estimate today.

Our Cleaning Services

Garage/Outdoor Cleaning

Do you store unused items in your garage? Do you want your outdoor space tidied up? Choose Diamond Quality Clean to clean those areas or help with organization. We are ready to help with all of your cleaning needs.


Do you need decluttering and organization help? Not only does Diamond Quality Clean handle your home cleaning needs, we can help with decluttering to make your home more organized. 

Office Space Cleaning

In addition to our home cleaning services, we also offer commercial cleaning services. We can come in to your office and clean the entire building or individual suites. Contact us for your office cleaning services!

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Now Hiring!

We are always looking for quality team members who are passionate about keeping a clean home or business.